Who is LIFEaholic Radio?

LIFEaholic Radio is for and by 21st Century Leaders who are:

  • Co-creating the future of work and life (LIFEworking)
  • Stewards of business as a force of good in the world
  • Making a life AND a living for themselves and others

[21st century leaders are conscious, we connect deeply with others, some are in transition, we have a sense of purpose, we are waking up to imagining possibilities and creating them.]

Everyone has a story. And that is the biggest opportunity we have is to put a light on the unsung person and share their story with the world. Sharing stories provides people with a platform not only be seen but to be heard at a level that connects them with others. In our current world, the people with the loudest voices and biggest pockets get heard constantly and yet, there are so many amazing people in the world that need a way to share their passion, vulnerability and story. LIFEaholic Radio opens the conversation on imaging what’s possible in the world when we have a full life that includes work. It shares stories of people who are on the journey to be whole and find ways to co-create what is possible in the world. And it connects them through purpose.
We offer people who want to move from a 20th century world of fear, scarcity and competition an opportunity to experience real life stories of people picking themselves in the 21st century.

Both Ayelet Baron and Tim McDonald, who host LIFEaholic Radio, are pioneers in picking themselves and invite others to join them on the journey of imagining and sharing what’s possible in the 21st century.

Tim McDonald
Ayelet Baron

Ayelet Baron and Tim McDonald are 21st century leaders who have chosen a LIFEaholic adventure. We are passionate about sharing stories openly to connect people with purpose. Ayelet is a global futurist, author and speaker whose purpose is to be an activist for the human spirit. I had a very successful career as a global executive at Cisco Systems and other multinational organizations. Tim is a purposeful connector, community builder and global speaker whose purpose is to help others create the change in the world. Tim was a pioneer at The Huffington Post connecting people in community around the globe using new technology tools. Tim’s passion is co-creating with others on the No Kid Hungry campaign, focusing on ending childhood hunger in the United States and building a community that shares this purpose.

Jim Love

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James Roy

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What’s the value?

Awareness and staying connected with a generation of 21st century leaders. By sharing your story, we are able to begin connecting with purpose. No longer will we only be able to connect because of who we know or what company we work at. Everyone has a voice and by sharing yours, you will become a magnet to connect with others with a shared purpose.

We are community builders/bringing people together on purpose.

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